Educational Features

With the concept of flipped classroom, we provide courses and activities designed for the needs of children.

Theme Courses

Implementing the maker spirit, focusing on real-life applications, connecting children with society, and integrating with the world, BTS's curriculum requires core subjects complemented by elective courses, progressively uncovering interests and deepening professional skills of students.

Career Exploration

Rooted in personal interests to broaden artisanal care, we guide children to understand the diverse aspects of industries, perceive various job possibilities, gradually plan suitable and feasible learning programs, and find their vocational directions.

Mentorship System

We have developed a unique mentor-mentee guidance system, allowing for dedicated personal consultation times between teachers and students, connecting academic and psychological development, and stabilizing the emotional learning of adolescence.

Autonomous Learning

Cultivating children to demonstrate autonomy beginning with the end in mind, actively setting goals, taking initiative in tasks, and, with a continuously updating growth mindset, facing situations without standard answers and finding ways to overcome difficulties.

Seven Core Competencies

The curriculum design of BTS, with detailed standards defined from Level 0 to Level 4, effectively guides the realization of our educational ideals.
Experimental education offers the flexibility of adapting to aptitude and talent.

Under a comprehensive teaching map and core competency indicators, BTS's curriculum is fulfilling the educational vision,
nurturing children with the abilities to go far and wide.



BTS's integrated thematic curriculum design surpasses traditional knowledge gatekeeping,
incorporating problem, project,
and phenomenon-based learning (PBL) methodologies.

Experimental education emphasizes the importance of experiential and practical processes.
BTS further applies interdisciplinary thinking to vertically integrate knowledge and skills needed for the future,
expanding children's horizons and methodically sketching the blueprint of a remarkable life.

Ten-Year Learning Journey at BTS