By The Students

                      flipping education on its head to
create a learning environment centered around the child.

By The Students

                      flipping education on its head to
create a learning environment centered around the child.

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Mission Statement of BTS

Committed to fostering students to become individuals who possess the abilities to think independently, learn autonomously, work in teams, and proactively solve problems, becoming kind, altruistic, and influential persons!

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About Us



BTS is one of the first non-school autonomous learning experimental education institutions established in Taiwan after the passage of the three experimental education laws at the end of 2014. The founder is the current headmaster, Professor Ping-Cheng Yeh from the Department of Electrical Engineering
at National Taiwan University.

With a unique set of seven core competency indicators, a complete learning map covering various fields from elementary to high school has been established.The dedicated teaching and research team has grown to over fifty members, with the total number of students expected to exceed three hundred.

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Educational Features

Flipping the classroom model, with courses and activities designed starting from the needs of the children.

Theme Courses

Implementing the maker spirit, focusing on real-life applications, connecting children with society, and integrating with the world. BTS's curriculum requires core subjects complemented by elective courses, progressively uncovering interests and deepening professional skills.

Career Exploration

Rooted in personal interests to broaden artisanal care, guiding children to understand the diverse aspects of industries, perceive various job possibilities, gradually plan suitable and feasible learning programs, and find their vocational direction.

Mentorship System

A unique mentor-mentee guidance system, allowing for dedicated personal consultation times between teachers and students, connecting academic and psychological development, and stabilizing the emotional learning of adolescence.

Autonomous Learning

Cultivating children to demonstrate autonomy from the end to the beginning, actively setting goals, taking initiative in tasks, and, with a continuously updating growth mindset, facing situations without standard answers and finding ways to overcome difficulties.

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BTS is primarily based in the
Kainan Vocational High School located
in the center of Taipei City as
the main campus for classes.
Students enter through BTS's gate at
No. 15, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City (opposite to the Emergency Department of National Taiwan University Hospital), near Exit 2 of MRT NTU Hospital Station and Exit 3 of
MRT Shandao Temple Station.

BTS operates on a three-semester
system per academic year.
The first semester runs from
September to November.
The second semester runs from
January to March.
The third semester runs from
May to July.
During weekdays, full-day classes
start at 9AM, Monday to Friday.
April, August, and December serve
as the school's vacation periods.