Talent Recruitment (Full-time Staff)

Experimental education offers students a variety of opportunities to expand and establish a broad perspective, exploring the various possibilities of their own lives. The adults accompanying the growth of children also have broad work autonomy and space for innovation, making it a friendly workplace for pursuing personal career ideals. We emphasize mutual support among teaching, research, and administrative staff – everyone in the academy supports each other! We invite talents who are passionate about education and wish to contribute to Taiwanese society.

Target Candidates

  • Identifies with experimental education and possesses a growth mindset.
  • Passionate about their work and able to collaborate with the team.
  • Graduates from domestic or international colleges or universities.

Work Benefits

  • Labor and health insurance, medical accident insurance, and more than one week of vacation in April, August, and December.
  • Regular assessments at the end of an academic year, year-end bonuses, performance bonuses, and salary adjustment systems.
  • Provided with a MacBook Air for official use, professional development training each semester.
  • Team dinners every semester, annual health check-ups, and school trips.

Recruitment Positions

  • Full-time teachers: Language (Mandarin, Chinese Literature), Mathematics, Science (Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics), Humanities (Civics, Geography, History), English, Special Education, Counseling, Artisan (Career), Empowerment (Civic Advocacy, Outdoor Sports), Art, etc.
  • Administrative positions: General administration, accounting administration.

- Please check the pinned article on the BTS Facebook fan page for the latest job openings.
- Send your resume (including contact information and educational/professional background) to the BTS recruitment team at [email protected]

Institutional Internship (Assistant Teacher, Intern Teacher)

Target Candidates

  • Talents who identify with the spirit of experimental education and possess a growth mindset.
  • Supports the educational philosophy of BTS and is willing to patiently accompany children.
  • College or university students at the third year or above, all majors are welcome.
  • Able to come to BTS regularly every week and possess perseverance.
  • Assistant teachers will become official BTS teachers after one year.

Growth Opportunities

  • Participate in joint lesson planning meetings with domain teachers.
  • Participate in actual classroom lectures, observations, and discussions.
  • Internship in class and mentorship affairs.
  • Participate in capability enhancement workshops and online courses.
  • Depending on the needs and arrangements within the academy, participate in course teaching, administrative affairs, and class management, etc.

Educational Internship (Student Teachers)

BTS offers internship opportunities to student teachers from colleges and universities nationwide. Please visit the "National Education Internship Information Platform" for details on the current year's availability, education level, internship subjects, and quotas, and apply with your resume : [email protected]

Talent Database (Industry Professionals from All Sectors)

From elementary-school level workshops and diverse courses, middle-school level artisanal and thematic courses, to high-school level coaching cafes, BTS is dedicated to matching various industries and talents both domestically and internationally, showing children the possibilities of future careers and fostering a keen sense for career planning over the long term. We welcome industry professionals from all sectors to share your valuable experiences with us. Please apply with your resume : [email protected]