About BTS

Starting Point

In 2014, I had been teaching at the university for ten years and deeply felt that our children in Taiwan spend all their time and energy preparing for exams. Many of them may only realize after entering university that the chosen school or department is not what they like or want. Yet, due to various reasons, they dare not transfer to another school or department, wasting their lives in endless regret and indecisive hesitation.

If we want to change Taiwan's education today, we must truly start to implement our ideals, beginning from the elementary and middle school stages, to show Taiwanese society and parents that our children can spend their time not just on preparing for exams but also possess the capabilities to face the ever-changing future.

In 2015, a group of passionate teachers, each a leading choice of their time, jointly founded BTS. This was the first educational institution in Taipei City that spanned elementary, junior high, and high school levels to receive official experimental education approval. At BTS, we strive to realize an educational ideal that is competency-based and learner-centered (by the students), preventing Taiwan's children from losing their passion for learning and their curiosity about the world amidst rote learning.

On the path of experimental education, the teaching system of BTS and the model for guiding children's autonomous learning have continuously evolved. Through emphasizing exploration, critical thinking, and integration with society in both curriculum and activities inside and outside the school, our children can develop their soft skills and find the direction that interests them the most and in which they are talented. Every child is astonishing!

I also hope that through the innovative teaching done by the BTS team, teachers within the system who share our vision have support and no longer need to worry about pressure or complaints from superiors or parents who do not understand. BTS has now entered its ninth year, continuously cultivating a new generation of teachers in various fields who are passionate, thoughtful, and capable about education. We will connect with more teachers both within and outside the system to collectively advance education in Taiwan.

- Ping-Cheng Yeh, Founder of BTS and Advocate of the BTS Experimental Education Program, 2023

Educational Philosophy

Educational Vision

By The Students, flipping education on its head to create a learning environment centered around the child.

Teacher's Mission

Dedicated to unlocking potential and realizing competency-based, differentiated teaching, our teachers help children discover their interests, build confidence, empathize with others, and break through their limits.

Student Profile

We hope that every child, upon leaving BTS, possesses the abilities to think independently, learn autonomously, work in teams, and proactively solve problems, becoming a kind, altruistic, and influential person!

Class Information

BTS is primarily based in the
Kainan Vocational High School located
in the center of Taipei City as
the main campus.
Students enter through BTS's gate at
No. 15, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City (opposite to the Emergency Department of National Taiwan University Hospital). It is located between Exit 2 of MRT NTU Hospital Station and Exit 3
of MRT Shandao Temple Station.

BTS operates on a three-semester
system per academic year.
The first semester runs from
September to November.
The second semester runs from
January to March.
The third semester runs from
May to July.
During weekdays, full-day classes
start at 9AM, Monday to Friday.
April, August, and December serve
as the school's vacation periods.

A co-learning fee of NTD100,000 is collected per semester.


BTS follows an institutional self-learning model. If your child is enrolled at BTS, there is no need to prepare an individual self-learning plan by yourself; we will collectively apply to the Department of Education,Taipei City Government on behalf of all students.

Public Information

Annual revenue and expenditure.